My experience Flying as a  blind or as a visually impaired person .

Ask anyone who has traveled by airplane over the past 11 years about their air travel experiences, and chances are they’ll have something to say about going through security. Some travelers have had positive experiences, others have had negative experiences, and still others, myself included, have had both.

One of my blind friends had a bad experience at an airport recently. Hearing about this. It inspired  me to write a post about my experience I had several years ago.
Robert and I were flying to new York to visit his family for Christmas. Of course we arrive at the airport two hours early since that is the customary rule. We had our luggage that we were going to carry-on this time.

We decided not to do any checked luggage.
I have found that when I have my White cane it tends to move us through the airport Security lime much quicker.

When we got close one of the workers motioned for us to come over to a different area.
we went over I was expecting for them to allow us to do it together. And let me navigate in my own way. But that’s not what happened.
The worker promptly separated me from Robert and took my cane from my hand. And then expected me to walk through the scanner on my own. I was expecting him to guide me through. But he did not. I was not aware that there was a lip on the machine as you step in and out. I almost tripped. I was very frustrated.

After I got out of the scanner I had to find my way to my belongings and to find robert without aid of my cane or a guide. They did not even offer to help me. I actually had to request my cane back. That was very stressful and frustrating. I am extremely lucky I actually did not fall and hurt myself.
I don’t think the airport workers should have the right to take your white came from you. And separate you from the person who is your cited guide.
You should have the right to have one or the other. And they also should discuss that with you and find out which one you’re more comfortable with.

I did some research and found out that if You Use a White Cane. If you are a cane user, the TSA states that you will be allowed to keep your cane in order for you to move safely through the metal detector.

Then, the officer will ask for your cane if it needs to be scanned again.
I purchased this Pacific came because it supposed to be rated safe for airlines and airports. So I can carry it with me at all times. And the other Plus is that it fits nicely in my purse.
Because it was rated safe for airports and airplanes to me means I should be able to keep it on me at all times.
I’m guessing the airport worker was assuming that my white cane would set off the Metal detector. That’s why he probably took it away. But I have use this particular cane multiple times flying. And gone through the metal detector with it. And it did not. I’m assuming he just was not aware.
I believe those who are blind or visually impaired that use a cane, guy dog or cited guide should have the right to keep it on their person or nearby at all times while traveling and being in a new environment.
It’s looking like I had the right to keep my cane with me as I went through the metal detector. Also if the metal detector goes off they had the right to take my cane and inspect it.
Please note that it’s probably best to not argue with the workers because you may miss your flight. I would suggest filing a complaint after you go through the line if you were on happy with the way you were treated.
This has only happened once out of the doesn’t times I have flown. Hopefully this was a one time only event.

I hope by writing this post it saves someone from going through the same experience that I did.

If a airport worker wants to take your cane away ask why. I wish I did.
If you’re ever planning to fly I would really recommend reading this post titled

Airline Travel Information” it has a lot of helpful tips for those who are blind or visually impaired that are choosing to fly.


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