Apple Airpods review from a visually impaired persons point of you. 

My name is Chelsea and I am visually impaired. I was looking for a pair of easy to setup and use Bluetooth headphones that I could pair with my iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and my Mac laptop. 


After doing a lot of research. I found that I might be happy with the Apple Airpods. They claim that they are easy to use and easy to pair. So I took the plunge and asked for some for my birthday. Of course as most people would know they were backordered for two months. So I had to wait. I received them last Thursday and had been playing with them cents. They were just as easy to pair to my iPhone, iPad and my Mac as they claim. But have had a few issues with them syncing up with my Apple Watch first generation. Not sure what the problem is. 
Not sure if it’s because I have the first generation Apple Watch or is it something that is the same with the next generation. I have found that the sound quality of the earbuds are extremely good with phone calls. Really nice with music. I have found that I will just put one Airpod in when I want to dictate, make a phone call or listen to something quickly. 
I like using them when I dictate. Such as this review. Seems to be flowing properly. And less spelling errors. The nice thing about these earbuds or when it syncs up with a device it makes a sound so you know that it’s don. I have also found that where I see how much battery life I have on my iPhone and my Apple Watch it also shows how much battery life is in the Airpods.


So far I am extremely happy with my new purchase. And would recommend these to anyone. Still want to figure out the Perry issue with my Apple Watch. If anybody has any solutions or has this problem please feel free to reach out to me and we can work together.


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