‘I can see now!’: Blind woman regains sight after 23 years of darkness

Global News

It’s being called a miracle.

A Florida woman who was blind for more than two decades is seeing again after an unrelated surgery returned her sight – a result doctors can’t explain.

“I always knew in my heart that God was going to let me have my eyesight back,” Mary Ann Powell-Franco told NBC2. “I knew it.”

Powell-Franco, who was colour-blind since birth, completely lost her ability to see in 1993 after a violent car accident left her with ruptured discs in her back.

While undergoing surgery to repair the injuries, she experienced another serious setback.

“He said, ‘Mary Ann, you had a stroke on that table,’” she remembered a surgeon telling her.

That’s when her world went dark.

“Nothing,” she said. “I couldn’t see anything.”

Despite the reversal of fortune, Powell-Franco refused to let it slow her down.

“You can’t see, so what,” she remembered telling herself. “Get…

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