Life of a Blind Girl

band itsHello everyone and welcome back to Life of a Blind Girl.

Today I’d like to tell you about an amazing product that’s especially been designed for the blind and visually impaired and it’s called Band-Its. Well let me tell you about the product!

Band-it’s are tactile, different coloured bands that can be put round products, for example cans of food, bathroom products, drinks or medicine bottles. The bands are pictured above. The pictureshows the different coloured bands. For people that are visually impaired the different coloured bands help you to identify a product easily. For example, you will know that a red band will be on a tin of fruit. If you are blind then don’t worry, you can still use this product! The different tactile bands make it easier for blind people to identify the product. They can also be reused so you don’t have to keep buying a…

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