My Apple Watch by Chelsea Stark Part 2

My good friend Audrey suggested that I also do a post talking about WHY I wanted an Apple Watch. And what features and capabilities does it have for people who are visually impaired.So here I go.
 I will first talk about why I wanted an Apple WatchI guess one of the reasons why I wanted an Apple Watch is because I’m a Apple fan. I own a iPhone, iPad and Mac as well. I seriously have been thinking about getting one ever since they came out. But I first want to do some research to make sure that it was going to be beneficial for me is a visually impaired person before I spend the money..  So I spent some time reading some articles. And listening to a lot of YouTube videos. Believer not I found quite a few articles and YouTube videos from other blind or visually impaired people that have purchased the Apple Watch. And they were extremely happy.
So after reading and listening to a bunch of people’s impressions of the Apple Watch and seeing what it does for them. I started thinking about what did I needed to do for me?  First thing I did was I made a list of key things that my iPhone and iPad do for me. Here is the list.

1 Send and receive phone calls.

2Send and receive messages.
3Play my music.
4Help me with staying fit.
5 Keep track of my tweets with my multiple Twitter accounts.
6Let me know what’s on my calendar for today.
7Check my mail.
8 Help me find stores or addresses and give me turn by turn directions.
9 The capability to sit alarms and turn them on and off.
10 Give me the weather for where I’m at. After I found that all the things on my first list were key things that the Apple Watch does. I decide to go dig a little more.  Over the years I have had issues with my neck. At one point of my life I herniated three discs in my neck. And because of that my head tends to droop when I try to be read. And it’s not good. I do use the voice over function on my iPad and iPhone but I .

Now for the second question my friend asked. what features and capabilities does it have for people who are visually impaired.

First obviously it has a standard voice over function. And majority of your standard functions. Here is a few. Mail, Phone calls, messages, tweets , Clock maps timers, Weather, Music, calendar, and a great one called activity. As the watch because more popular. And time goes by. More apps will be custom for the Apple Watch.
 The Apple Watch contains an unheralded feature that allows you to ping and locate your paired iPhone—handy for when you’ve misplaced your iPhone nearby while still connected. This can be done via the Settings glance, which happens to be the only mandatory glance on Apple Watch.
As I spend more time with my Apple Watch I will learn more things that will be beneficial for me and other blind or visually impaired people and I will keep doing posts regarding this topic. So stay tuned for part three haven’t picked a theme for yet but it will come to me.


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