My Apple Watch by Chelsea Stark Part One

196405-640-1Yesterday I purchased a Rose Gold Apple Watch. Today is my first full day using the watch.
Still learning how to customize it to my liking. I will try to do regular posts regarding the Apple Watch from my Point of view is a visually impaired person.
So here we go.
Here are some key things you need to do when you’re planning to get your Apple Watch so when you go to the store and have them help you set up it goes smoothly. I was not aware of a few of these things and it probably would’ve save me a little bit of headache.
If you’re going to have someone from the store you’re purchasing the Apple Watch from help you set it up.
1 make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest greatest iOS. You need to bee running IOS9.
2 Make sure the Apple Watch app is loaded.
3 Make sure your phone has a full charge.
4 Make sure you know your iTunes password.
5 Bring a jump pack. This would be helpful because the Apple Watch does not come with a full charge and if they have problems pairing your device they have a way to charge your Watch as you’re doing it.

Notes if you’re going to try to do it yourself at home.
1 make sure your so phone and Apple Watch are fully charged.
2 Make Sure your phone is running IOS9 or earlier.
Also make sure that the Apple Watch app is installed.
3 make sure your phone is connected to a WI-FI network this will make the process go faster.
4 Reed and listen to is much info about setting up the Apple Watch as you can before you get started.
5Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Have your iTunes password handy.

Here is a list of YouTube videos and links I recommend for you to read and listen to.
To get started with your Apple Watch, pair and sync it with your iPhone

Before you begin
Do just about anything, just like that.

Apple watch Accessibility

Apple Wants Blind People To Buy Apple Watches


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