The L Word

Look and watch

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The “L word and the W word.” It is definitely okay to use words like look and watch around a blind person. Those words are common everyday words, and blind people are not offended by them.

I realize that people who know me may be thinking, “Well of course she would say that, she’s not offended by anything blindness related,” and that is pretty true. But I can promise that words like look, watch, and see, are not swear words, so stop flinching after you use them, like you’re 8 and you just swore in front of your mom. Political correctness is not an issue. Our society is so consumed with political correctness and it’s the most obnoxious thing.

For instance, I would never say, “So I was listening to Grey’s Anatomy last night.” That’s weird. I would just say watching. So use look and watch to your hearts content.

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