A Mid Summer Nights Dream

this is a great post by Gabriella Drago
titled A Mid Summer Nights Dream.

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People always ask me if I dream.

I definitely dream. All blind people can dream. The human brain is not completely centered around vision.

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was in a music therapy session and forgot how to play guitar. No matter what chord I played, it sounded awful. Awkward moment when it wasn’t actually a dream…

Some blind people can see in their dreams, while others cannot. This all depends on when in life the person lost their vision. If they had vision and lost it along the way in life, then they have passed visual experiences to go off of in dreams. Those who were blind from birth, or became blind at too young an age to remember sight, do not dream visually. Their dreams consist of sound, feeling, and intuition.

I fall in to the category of people who don’t see in dreams. This…

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