A Blind Date with Myself

Being legally blind I truly appreciate this post. I wish there were more places in the world for people to experience what it’s like to eat while you’re blind. I wish there was one in Utah or Las Vegas. I would love it if my family and friends would try at at least once .

Traveling Noodles

Alright, so this post is not really about  blind date I went on but it is about feeling for the first time how being blind must be like. Closing your eyes, switching off lights and being blindfolded does not really make the world as dark as it becomes if either you lose sight or the world suddenly plunges into complete darkness.

An adventurous girlfriend and me decided to go for lunch to a restaurant called Dialogue In The Dark and my experiences both humbled me, confused me and stirred up a lot of feelings which I wasn’t sure I knew of. The restaurant is based on a social experiment which started in Germany, the thought being that people depend on the sense of sight the most thus ignoring or not developing the other senses as much as they should.

The restaurant has a pre ordering system where you choose whether…

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