State ID or Driver’s license. Shouldn’t matter BY Chelsea Stark

“State ID or Driver’s license. Shouldn’t matter.”

Many years ago. I went to Dallas Texas to spend some time with my sister and brother. This was also the year I turn 21. So I thought it would be a great experience since I would be able to go to a few bars and have some drinks with my family.

One evening while I was there. We decide to go to a bar and have drinks and some dinner. A waiter came up to me and asked what I would like I told him I would like a steak medium rare, mashed potatoes and I’d like a beer. He promptly listed the beers he had. Since this was my first time ever having a beer. My sister helped me pick one that I might like. After I picked a beer the waiter asked for my ID. I reached down and grabbed my purse and took out my ID for my wallet. And handed it to the waiter.

He said he would be back with it in a minute. So we just sat and chatted. The waiter came back and asked if I had a drivers license. They would not except my Utah state ID. I said WHAT!!
I haven’t had a problem with this before. He said that they think that this is a fake ID. And they wanted to cut it up. Luck Lee my brother-in-law is a police officer. He promptly got up went to the back and spoke to The manager and demanded my ID back. We were not sure why this was such a problem.

So we all decided to leave. We told the manager we were not going to take the food and we were unhappy. We would not be returning to this restaurant. So we decided to go to another restaurant and have dinner. The other restaurant didn’t have a problem with my state ID and I got my steak and beer.

The rest of the trip was great and hopefully I will never have a problem with people wanting to chop up my ID. It would’ve been a real fun experience trying to get on the plane without one. You would think that most places would know what a state ID looks like. Likely I got my ID back so I could fly back home the next week.
Is there something about a drivers license that is more impressive. Or was I just a victim of somebody’s stupidity.


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