Kitchen Tips for People Who are Blind or Partially Sighted


If you are blind or partially sighted, cooking can seem like a difficult task. However, by adapting your kitchen and how you prepare food, you can still enjoy cooking!

  • Use color and contrast. If you have low vision, color and contrast can help you see when cooking.
  • It can help to use a colored bowl to hold food of a contrasting color.
  • It is easier to see light-colored food like white onions on a dark cutting board and darker food, like asparagus, on a light board.

Half of a dark red onion sits near a knife on a white cutting board A light cutting board works great for dark produce | Photo by Elizabeth Layman

  • It is easier to see plugs and sockets if they are a different color than the walls and counters.
  • Have good central lighting, so you can make the most out of any sight you have.
  • Have lights under cupboards that shine onto areas where you usually work.
  • Use a clip-on spotlight.

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