How Do Blind and Visually Impaired People Get Around?

Sandy's View

Woman with dog 085Being blind or visually impaired doesn’t mean you automatically lose the independence of getting to and from places whenever you please. Several techniques and methods can help people get around safely regardless of their amount of vision. I will briefly talk about the different methods and how they work.

When in familiar places, visually impaired people generally know the layout and memorize where things are. Learning to travel in different or unfamiliar places is done by using orientation and mobility (O&M) skills. Orientation is the actual planning of how to get to and from places. Blind and visually impaired people use other senses – like sound, touch and smell – to orient ourselves to our surroundings. So, if I am walking outside and know there is a school nearby, then I can assume that it is near when I hear children playing and laughing. Likewise, the smell of freshly baked…

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