10 Reasons Why Being Blind Sucks By Chelsea Stark

 1 Have someone hold up their fingers and asked me how many Do you see?

It drives me nuts when someone finds out you’re blind and their way of testing. Is by holding up their hand and ask you how many fingers do you see. I usually respond with four fingers then a from.

2, Being Covered in Bruises Most of the time.
Noticing once in a while that I have a new bruise. Or have someone ask how did you do that? Then I ask what are you talking about. They say you have a bruise on your leg. Are you OK? At that point you’re wondering one how did that happen and gee this is real embarrassing. I usually just say thank you and start wondering gee when did it happen.

3 Missing a Table or Counter when wanting to set something down..
I hated when you are in a hurry. And you have a glass or a plate in your hand and you need to set it down. You go to set it down thinking there is a table or a counter in front of you. Suddenly you hear crash. And you reach forward and realize you missed The table or counter. Depending on how full the glass or plate is you may or may not be wearing your food or drink. 🙂 🙂

4, Running around with your shirt on backwards.
One time I was in a hurry to get dressed. Thought I got everything right. I felt on my shirt for some reason and realized that I could feel the tag on my shirt. I quickly went to a bathroom and switched my shirt around. I was so grateful I was the only one who noticed it.

5  Put on two different shoes.
Being blind sometimes it is tough to tell the difference between black and dark blue shoes. So occasionally you will have this issue. Grabbing a left and right you and putting them on thinking they are the exact same color. But before you go out somehow you find out that you have two different shoes on. I have had a few friends actually go to the whole day with two different shoes on and people thought they were making a fashion statement.

6 Dropping something small on the floor

Have you ever broken your toenail clippers.  It’s amazing how small that little pin is that makes it so you can use it. One day I was attempting to trim my toenails. And somehow I managed to force that pin out of the toenail clipper.  I heard the pin bounced twice. I abruptly said crap now where did that go. So I spent 20 minutes on my hands and knees searching for that little pin. After I search the whole bathroom. I started searching outside into the bedroom. I found it on the carpet near the door. Man did that thing bounce.

7 Having someone throwing something. At you, LAnd say here catch.

I love it when someone calls your name. You turned to face them. Then they say here catch. Put your arms out. Hoping that you will catch it. But somehow it ends up hitting you in your head chest or stomach. Then they start laughing. Then they say I guess you can’t catch.

8 Accidentally stepping in some form of animal poop.

Have you ever had the experience where you’re walking along and you smell poop. You wonder if you just walked past poo. After some time passes the smell is still there. Then you start wondering is that smell me. I think I just stepped in poop. What do I do now.

9 Cooking accidents

Have you ever mixed up one  ingredient  for another? I have. One weekend I decided to make myself a big breakfast. So I grabbed my cooking pot. Plugged in and started warming it up. Grabbed eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. Crack the eggs and scramble them in a bowl. Poured what I thought was cooking oil in the pan putting some bacon. Then added my eggs and hashbrowns. After I was sure they were all cooked properly. I scoop some on a plate and grab a fork. Took a bite and realize that taste a lot like vinegar. Someone must’ve rotated the cooking oil and vinegar in the cabinet when they were cleaning. That was the end of my breakfast.

10 have people try to scare me. For some reason they think that’s fun.

When I was in junior high school I had a bully. And I wasn’t sure what to do about it. The school would not do anything. This particular person thought it was extremely funny to wait till I was at my locker. And grab me from behind. It was kind of amusing the first two times. But after a while it got really old and got extremely painful as they were trying new ways to grab me and push me down.

So I decided to take some self-defense classes. I figured I’d have to take matters into my own hands.  So after a few lessons and I explained to my instructor what was going on. He helped me fast-track some good techniques to protect myself.  Finally after a couple of good wax to their knees they stop bullying me. It’s a good thing I learned some self-defense classes. Buying new Keans every month was getting kind of spendy. Since they thought it was hilarious to throw my cane up in the tree and it would snap into.


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