10 Reasons Why Being Blind Sucks BY MICHELLEBOTHA1

I really enjoyed this post titled 10 Reasons Why Being Blind Sucks by MICHELLEBOTHA1. So I decided to share. I am going to come up with my oh reasons. And I would encourage other people to come up with their own post as well.

Learning Blindness

So, yes, this is in fact the post to counterbalance the previous one. Here are some of the lesser known reasons, in my humble opinion, why being blind sucks.


1: Going to work with toothpaste on your shirt

Now before you all say, “But I’ve done that so really we’re all disabled in our own ways aren’t we, yes, indeed” – I mean toothpaste ALL OVER YOUR SHIRT. Not just an inconspicuous blob, a large smear on a black top. I don’t know, for all my obsession with hygiene, I’m actually pretty messy. We don’t generally think of teeth-brushing as a skill we have to learn but I do really think my losing battle with toothpaste stems from never having actually seen someone brush their teeth. Anyway, I manage to find toothpaste in the most bizarre places – behind my ear, on my shoes, in my hair. And if…

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