Charlie Cox Has Been Honored By The American Foundation For The Blind For His Work On ‘Daredevil’

A Very Special Independence Day for Americans with Disabilities
July 4, 2015
Originally posted on Sandy’s View:
The Fourth of July is a day to remember and celebrate our independence and the many freedoms that come with it. This year it is particularly meaningful for Americans with disabilities, as the 25th anniversary of the ADA will be celebrated on July 26. Although the ADA has not…

This is so great. Can’t wait to see more accessible videos on Netflix.



Daredevil has made quite the impact since it premiered back in April on Netflix. Not only is it the highest rated series on the streaming service, the show found itself at the center of the movement to bring accessibility for the blind to Netflix.

On Thursday, Charlie Cox was honored at the American Foundation for the Blind’s 19th Annual Helen Keller Achievement Awards for his performance as blind lawyer/superhero Matt Murdock.

Here’s a portion of his acceptance speech, courtesy of Variety:

“Since the show has been released, I’ve had a great number of emails and letters from people in the blind community experiencing degrees of vision loss,” Cox said during his acceptance speech. “I had one particular stranger in London who was understandably stressed by her decreased vision.” The woman, he said, was more concerned with losing her independence than losing her vision. “I remember thinking that that…

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